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September 20, 2017

AR VR at Tradeshows

Over the years,Optera has produces many AR VR experiences for tradeshows.  Our AR VR experiences have been used in over 70 tradeshows in North America, Europe and Asia. 


To help our clients better understand what it takes to bring AR VR experiences to their event strategy, Optera has published "The Definative Guide to Augumente

d and Virtual Reality for Trade Shows". 


The Guide covers key topics, including:

  • Why to use AR VR at events
  • What are the major AR VR technologies
  • What you need to know about AR VR projects
  • Tips for using AR VR on the show floor
  • A business case example that illustrates how you could save $250,000 or more by using AR VR

Download your copy of the report today.  Also, feel free to contact us for any questions.  We are happy to talk all things AR VR.



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