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October 14, 2016

The Business Value of Speed - The Next Evolution in Big Data Environments

The Business Value of Speed - The Next Evolution in Big Data Environments

Big data and analytics (“big data”) is no longer a business trend, but a way of doing business for the world’s leading companies. Simply put, leading Fortune 1000 companies do not invest more than $50 million a year in trends – rather they make $50 million investments in capabilities that transform their business. 1    

Big data’s advantages are being clearly seen in operational efficiencies, go-to-market initiatives and a host of new business insights. As the business value of big data is accepted, the next imperative is “how fast can we gain insights from our data?”.  Organizations have proven the big data experiment, now it is a race against the clock to be first to insights – the first and the fastest to take advantage of the trend, disrupt the market, and win the race.

As executives begin to define their next business requirements for their data, IT organizations are being asked to deliver even faster insights. The advantages gained at a business level – faster time to decision making, faster speed to market and faster ability to engage customers – are the primary drivers for increased speed of delivery in big data investments. 2


Dell Big Data

“Being able to look atbig data can shorten your time to information, which has immediate value. For instance, if I want to know how a new product launch is going, I can analyze millions of social media conversations and know if we’re successful instantly, instead of waiting months for a customer satisfaction survey.” —Guy Chiarello, CIO JPMorgan 3

Speed of delivery is not just deploying faster technology – rather, it is making the entirety of the big data business process faster. This includes enabling data scientists to discover insights more efficiently, routing insights to business systems and users in real time, and enabling development teams to roll out solutions more quickly. All of these efforts need to be supported by simple deployments of higher performance technology architectures.         

Looking across the wide variety of big data deployments, a series of unique ‘time based’ challenges arise.  Many of these time challenges come from big data solutions operating as complex business processes that involve many parts - other challenges come from ‘first time through’ effects of initial implementations.  The challenge to IT professionals is ‘building it faster’ and delivering business insights at Mach speed to better take advantage of the answers.   

Fortunately, a variety of ways to simplify and leverage technology exist to gain time and accelerate time to advantage. For example:

Reference Architectures from Dell EMC – Accelerating Time to Value
Reference Architectures bring together the collective knowledge of Dell EMC and leading industry partners. Reference Architectures leverage thousands of hours of engineering, testing, and validation to ensure big data initiatives are deployed quickly and efficiently.   

Business Value of Speed

Forrester has documented the value of Dell EMC’s Reference Architectures. Forrester found that Dell EMC’s Reference Architecture for Cloudera Hadoop provides significantly faster implementation times for Hadoop environments over a self-engineered solution with the average composite customer implementing Hadoop six months faster using the Reference Architecture. This resulted in an average gain of $5 million of first year revenue benefit from the Hadoop initiative. 4  

Reference Architectures from Dell EMC for ETL Offload – Accelerating the Lifecycle of ETL

Reference Architecture from Dell EMC for ETL Offload helps improve the speed of complex ETL processes in two ways.  Leveraging Cloudera and Syncsort, the Reference Architecture moves data from a slow, traditional data warehouse to Hadoop enabling faster processing. Additionally, the engineered approach with Cloudera and Syncsort allows development teams to build and manage ETL processes faster.

Business Value of Speed

On average the Reference Architecture for ETL Offload is two times faster to develop and manage over the life of the implementation – compared with using do-it-yourself open source tools. This means that every change, enhancement and maintenance request is completed, on average, 50% faster – accelerating time to insight, day after day. 5

Dell Validated Solutions for SAP HANATMReal-time Information Delivery

Simply gleaning insights from data is not enough – the insights must be delivered to the users fast in order to turn insights into advantage. SAP HANA is a leading in-memory database solution that accelerates the delivery of big data insights to business systems. Dell has partnered with SAP to develop the Dell EMC Validated Solutions for SAP HANA allowing organizations to quickly and efficiently deploy SAP HANA.

Business Value of Speed

The business benefits of SAP HANA can be seen in a variety of customer examples. One interesting implementation at Mitsui Knowledge Industry leveraged SAP HANA, Hadoop and R to build a real time genome analysis platform that resulted in a 216x reduction of genome processing time delivering the results in 20 minutes compared to 30 days. Another example demonstrates how Mantis Technology Group based its social sentiment solution on SAP HANA using text analytics that resulted in a 6x faster text analysis processing time with 99% faster ETL load times. 6 Both examples illustrate how SAP HANA significant transformed key business processes creating significant advantages.

Dell® PowerEdge™ R730XD accelerated by Intel® - Speed at the Core of Big Data

The foundation of any big data solution includes the processor, memory and storage – the hardware that make the solution work. The Dell EMC PowerEdge R730xd, accelerated by Intel Xeon® processors, is the cornerstone of big data environments. Dell EMC and Intel continue their commitment to the PowerEdge platforms to ensure environments are fast at their core.

Business Value of Speed

The newest versions of the Dell EMC PowerEdge R730xd include 20% improved performance with Intel Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors. 7 Think about large Hadoop or high performance computing environments that span hundreds of nodes; having the fastest foundational technologies will help ensure speed at the heart of your environment over time.   

The examples above are important as they highlight how speed has been introduced in many valuable ways across big data initiatives. IT departments will be challenged in the coming months and years to deliver even faster solutions at all levels of the big data stack. To do this it will be critical to take advantage of the improvements to the speeds across all the part of big data – people, process and technology.

Dell EMC is uniquely positioned to enable organizations to bring the pace of big data forward. By embracing speed and responding quickly to the insights delivered from big data initiatives, organizations become disruptors. Your choice becomes simple – either embrace the speed coupled with the power of big data or constantly react to those who do.

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