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September 07, 2016

10 Can’t Miss Denver StartUp Week Sessions

Denver Startup Week 2016 is right around the corner – September 12th-16th.

Us tech marketers and startups in Colorado are downright spoiled. In just five days you can absorb a wealth of insight, experience and innovation – for FREE and right here, in our backyard (or downtown to be more accurate).

No flying cross-country. No registration fees. No abandoning your job for a week. Just sign up, go and grow.
Denver Startup Week


Top 10 Sessions at #DENStartupWeek

With so many tracks and sessions, it can be hard to make choices at times. Here’s a rundown of our daily “can’t miss” sessions for the week – in addition to the kickoff and networking nightcaps.

1. Monday 9/12 @ noon: The Future of Ad-Tech and Digital Marketing

As you're planning for 2017, it’s important to stay atop the evolving digital marketing trends. Nobody can afford to assume that what has worked in the past will still work in the future. This panel discussion will provide key insights on brands as the media in the Era of the Consumer and what it means to your marketing plan.

2. Monday 9/12 @ 2pm: The Art of Scaling

This session is focused on scaling – from an effective team, to product and revenue as your startup matures. With a panel of five executive founders and expertise on maturing from ideation to business maturity, this session will be packed with value – and people of course.

3. Tuesday 9/13 @ 8am: How to Scale Your Startup with Creative Contractors

This session is so important for early stage product firms looking to engage marketing partners as you scale. Us agencies and freelance creatives can be the fuel for your growth engine, when you know how to empower us to deliver. Come and hear from fellow executives on how to make it work for your business.

4. Tuesday 9/13 @ 4pm: How Denver became a Global Entrepreneurship Hub

Colorado is home to 4/10 of the top US cities with the most startups per capita. The startup infrastructure is quite strong and continues to grow. I am interested in hearing why one of Japan’s top10 largest venture capital firms is considering coming to town.

5. Wednesday 9/14 @ 8am: The Future of Reality: How AR & VR Are Disrupting Entire Industries

As AR and VR approach mass adoption, we all need to be thinking of how why and how it makes sense to include in our content mix. Bring your questions on strategy, uses cases and technologies to this panel – including our managing director, Cole Sandau – and let’s discuss the future of AR/VR.

6. Wednesday 9/14 @10am: Wrestling Founders for Actual Growth

The passion and vision of founders can be a double-edged sword. There are instances where you must recognize the need to pivot and meet the market. The decision of when and how to pivot can be agonizing. I want to learn from those who’ve been there and done that.

7. Wednesday 9/14 @ 2pm: Founder F*ck Ups

You have to love the honesty in the startup community. Here’s another chance to learn from others and hopefully make wiser decisions in your organization. Can’t wait to embrace the “pitfalls and hazards” of startup life at this session. It should be a lively Q&A session!

8. Wednesday 9/14 @ 4pm: Zero to Revenue: The 8 Things You Need to Know

The path from zero to $100k of revenue in months is not easy. Discerning where to spend your time and effort to move the needle is critical. 90-minutes to hear the secrets of four leaders who know how to hit the accelerator seems like a smart investment.

9. Thursday 9/15 @ noon: Lean Branding: Developing a Minimum Viable Brand

You’ve embraced agile product development, but what about agile marketing? For startups – and agencies, marketing is often a lagging investment. The concept of MVB is fascinating, so the proven approach to getting unstuck will be valuable.

10. Friday 9/16 @ 8am: Beginning with the End in Mind: Set your Business Up for a Successful Exit from Day One

The session title is pretty self-explanatory. Understanding the end game frames many of the choices we make in daily operations. Planning our exit from day one, using the actionable viewpoints this session, benefits everyone.

These sessions balance Founder and Growth themes, with little Designer and Product thrown in for good measure. Seems about right to me.

What sessions are on your Denver Startup Week schedule?

Tweet us and let’s meet up during the most wonderful time of the year to be a tech marketer in Colorado!

Add AR VR Session to my DSW Schedule


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