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November 15, 2017

Why My Business Card Is Better Than Yours

BCard_AR.jpgAt Optera we utilize emerging technologies, like augmented and virtual reality to simplify complex concepts. It can be difficult to quickly explain what we do when folks may not have first-hand experience with AR VR applications, or to picture what we mean when we describe our VR product as a ‘medical simulation’.  

Well, over the weekend we set out to solve this problem. Our software developer Akmal took my business card and created an AR experience that showcases our VirtualSpaces product, a walkable VR operating room simulation for the HTC Vive. Check out the video


It’s so simple and so effective. Next time we are networking or sitting around a conference table doing the business card exchange, we can just have folks download our app, point their phone at the card, and see a 360 video showcasing our work.


Now I know what folks are going to say – why would I take the extra step of downloading an app to get to know you or your business? Well, think about it. When you meet someone and you are interested in what they do or what their business does you most likely pick up your phone after you’ve met them or return to your laptop the next day and check out their website, view a LinkedIn profile, or visit other social channels. We already take additional steps to vet an initial business acquaintance, this is just a more engaging way to offer up the same kinds of information and potentially move the vetting to while you are still with them.


The real winner will be the company that creates a universal AR business card application so that everyone only has to download one app to their phone to access millions of branded glyphs. Businesses and individuals can then upload their AR image, video or digital experience to a database, and with a few clicks have an AR enabled business card. Don’t worry, Optera is already working on this.


But in all seriousness, this simple AR experience is another example of how technology will continue to disrupt traditional business processes. Business cards are tired, yet we all have them, and we all continue to ‘collect’ them only to put in a drawer or stash in a pile somewhere never to be looked at again. A simple AR experience could totally change the business card use case, transforming cards into an engagement tool that provides someone with in-depth knowledge about you, your company and your product.


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